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Page Description
04 /18 2011
Page Description

This article will introduce the sidebars.

Your information.

In order (from the top),
Profile Image
Knowhows Posted (The number of Knowhows you have posted)
Knowhows Rated (The number of Knowhows you have Rated)
Favored (The number of your Knowhows which have been favorited.)
Write a Knowhow (Write and post a new Knowhow.)
           Please post all new Knowhows from this button please.
Self Introduction * As seen by others.
You can alter the contents of your Self Introduction from the "Change Settings" button.


The Menu Bar

           (Return to the FC2 Knowhow Portal Page)
Favorite Knowhows
           (Pressing this button will cause all of your "favorited" knowhows to display.)
Posted Knowhows
           (This will display all of your posted Knowhows.)
     When you want to edit a KnowHow, press this button and click on a title of the KnowHow you want to edit. Clicking on the "Edit" button, from the top, will allow you to edit the Knowhow.
          This will display a list of drafts; saved Knowhows that you are still creating.
          Clicking on this button will display a list of all posted Knowhows, in order of the most highly-rated.
          Have a look through all the categories. If you find one that interest you, you can look through it and try to find something to read.
Wanted Knowhows
           If there is something you want to know about, you can request that somebody write a Knowhow from here. If someone who has knowledge in that area sees your request, they may just write a Knowhow for you to read.
Terms of Use
          These are the terms that all users must abide by when using this service.
Please make sure you read this before using FC2 Knowhow.
          This section contains an FAQ section and an explanation of how to use FC2 KnowHow. It links you to the manual you are currently viewing.


The Top Menu
Change Settings
          From here you can change your name, profile image, profile information etc.